Assurance and advice are two complementary aspects of our core expertise and cover a wide range of services to clients of all sizes in many different sectors.

As the name implies, assurance services provide value to decision-makers by providing comfort that information they use is reliable. It relies on independence and objectivity, which is ensured through appropriate selection, allocation and training of partners and staff, together with the application of high standards of quality control. Services include:

  • Statutory audit, which provides a high level of assurance to those using the annual accounts of companies and other entities
  • Non-statutory audit and supplements to statutory audit, which can be tailored to the particular needs of users and circumstances of the entity being audited.
  • Internal audit, providing assurance to management that its systems and controls are effective both in design and in operation.
  • Special-purpose reports for particular users who seek independent corroboration of financial information supplied by a business.
  • Report on the reliability of non-financial information supplied by entities for various purposes.
  • Reporting to regulators on financial and non-financial information produced by regulated businesses
  • Specialized fraud reviews