Our Service is based on speedy response and intelligent translation of your needs. We are aware of the need for value in both the delivery of service and the purchase of Insurance.

You have direct access to our specialists’ team to address every need of your organization.

Initial Revision
We revise all existing insurance policies to ensure that Values of insurance and/or limits of Indemnity are adequate by current estimated values

Re-negotiate Premiums
We negotiate premium rates with insurance companies to save cost

Arrange Additional Coverage
Where appropriate, we arrange additional coverage to ensure our client has a comprehensive package of protection

Study of the Scope
We study the Scope, Terms, Conditions and Exclusions of each policy to ensure that all possible inherent risk features that go with each clients’ business has been covered to suit his specific needs

Renew, Update and Streamline
The methods by which insurance matters within the client’s set-up are being managed

Handling of Claims
We handle all insurance claims on behalf of the client

Organizing lectures and seminars
We organize lectures and seminars on Risk Management and Loss Prevention methods and techniques for clients’ employees to minimize losses and therefore reduce premium rates because of favorable claim record.