Investment Analysis
• We are responsible for uncovering investment opportunities in the equity markets for our client portfolios.
• We research companies within a particular sector of the economy which involves analysing company accounts, meeting with company management and researching the sector the company operates in to understand a firm’s competitive advantages.
Our goal is to find companies who will deliver the best profit growth for our clients’ portfolios over a period of time. Once a company has been identified as a possible buy for our clients’ portfolios, we shall inform our clients before a final decision is taken.

Fund Management
• We determine which approved investments we place in client portfolios,
• How much of the portfolio will be placed in that investment and
• How long we intend to hold client investment in that company.
In doing this we shall carefully balance the level of risk which our client is comfortable with and the level of returns they expect. Markets change on a daily basis and any piece of news may affect one of our investments so we remain abreast of this and consider the implications for our portfolios.

Wealth Management
• We help our client achieve their financial objectives.
• We listen closely to client needs then formulate tailored solutions to manage and grow their portfolio.
• We are aware of a wide range of
financial products and strategies as well as being mindful of tax and estate planning issues to ensure that wealth can be passed down through generations.

Client Management
• We provide clients with regular information on the value of their funds and the deals that we place on their behalf.
• We contact with clients on a face to face basis and via phone and email.
• We frequently present to clients on the performance of their investments and on current investment strategy and market developments.
• We are fully up to date with our client portfolio, the markets and any issues that could affect the value of the client’s investments with us.